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"I won't allow anyone to stop me! No matter who does what!"

Ghetsis, a man who had been able to create an entire organization under false motives, was now facing head-to-head with his biggest threat, one single trainer from Nuvema Town. This child had not only stopped countless grunts and all of the sages single-handedly, but had also defeated Ghetsis' pawn, N. But all things must come to an end, and both sides of the battle were showing no signs of backing down. Each hit that missed sent shockwaves and echoes through the castle halls from the sheer power and thirst for victory from Pokemon fighting, with their trainers occasionally getting hit by impacts once or twice.

At last, it was down to one Pokemon on both sides. An Eelektross from the emperor and a Serperior from the trainer. The grass snake immediately coiled itself up for a raise in power and defense, but the electric dragon opened its maw for a Flamethrower attack. The Serperior, nearly singed on the tail, prepared a Leaf Blade as it awaited the next attack. The Eelektross was not to disappoint, as it flew at the snake with an Acrobatics attack at the ready. The Serperior caught it's blade between the clash of bodies and skillfully parried the attack and lunged at its attacker. The Eelektross dodged the grassy weapon and shot out another flamethrower, getting a direct hit on the Serperior. Wounded, the Serperior fled behind a pillar as a way to avoid any other flame attacks.

The dragon threw itself at the pillar above its foe and let the mass drop. The grass-type, seeing an opportunity, avoided the broken pillar and lunged at its attacker with a Giga Drain at the ready. The Eelektross was caught in the life-sapping attack, and even though the attack wasn't very effective against it, damage was still done from a critical hit. They both fell back to the ground with painful 'thud' and resumed fighting. Leaf Blade, Flamethrower, Coil, Acrobatics, Giga Drain, Acrobatics, Coil. The Serperior had seized a perfect opportunity and wrapped itself around its foe with a Coil move, ready to deal the finishing blow.


In the madness, Ghetsis had advanced toward the distracted trainer and gave his enemy a strong smack with the end of his cane. The blow knocked the trainer out cold, and the Serperior witnessed the attack in the corner of its eye. It slithered up to help its friend, but it forgot about its attacker, and in the moment of distraction, the Eelektross gripped the snake in its massive claws and stared at it face-to-face. One final Flamethrower ended the fight. 

Ghetsis had won.


The next few months were what could be considered absolute chaos. Team Plasma was victorious in the most important battle in Unova had been won by them, so what was stopping the rogues from finally getting what they wanted? Cities were raided, towns were leveled, bridges collapsed, and people either surrendered or went missing; nothing was safe from Team Plasma's newly found zeal, not even Pokemon.

Team Plasma needed as many Pokemon as they could get, so they captured as many as possible, which were more ways than one. Pokemon were either stolen, caught, or captured without a Pokeball, which left lots of Pokemon badly injured to the point of death. Nothing was safe anymore.

The only option was to flee, but even that proved difficult. The rogues found a way to intercept signals from any sort of telecomunication device, which prevented anyone from contacting people from outside of the region, any sort of land-bridges or artificial bridges were heavily guarded, and water travel was nearly impossible with all of the debris now floating in the liquid; any sort of clean waterways were guarded even harder than the bridges. Those who did escape attempted to call the International Police and any other police force that would resist the expanding empire.

Outside resistances attempted to fight their way in, but all attempts were fruitless. Relentless force met whatever was trying to make its way in, and interference was not something Team Plasma was willing to deal with. People resisting were captured and taken, even the famed Looker had gone missing. This whole event was escalating to incredible levels, which soon going to result in a full-scale war.


Ghetsis sat on a magnificent throne, gazing down the hall of his castle. His plan was perfect, and it was going along smoothly. The other regions were attempting to attack his steel wall with pitchforks, and he laughed at their pitiful attempts to cause even a dent. His organization was growing ever larger, and it was already unstoppable.

He stood up and began to wander down his halls, his heavy footsteps sending echoes through the structure. Not a single recruit in sight, as they had all run off to punish any resistance inside and outside the empire. The silence that was occasionally cut out by his footsteps though was almost a blessing; the noise caused by the zealous recruits the past few months was almost maddening. 

He stopped in front of one particular room, then slowly walked inside. It was quite a change from the outside decor of stone and marble. A small basketball court complete with a hoop, a skateboard half-pipe, and various toys and sets that hadn't been used in months; this was N's room. Ghetsis stopped in the middle of the room and took in his surroundings. He noticed a small music box by his foot and bent down to pick it up. It was a small music box that N had always held with him. For reasons Ghetsis didn't know, but it must not have been that important if N just left it there.

Speaking of whom, after the trainer and his Pokemon fell in battle months ago, N quickly escaped the fortress with Zekrom and the trainer, leaving the fallen Serperior behind. Why in the world would N do that was beyond Ghetsis' comprehension. N believed that all Pokemon should be treated with respect and be cared for, so why leave an injured Pokemon to suffer? It wasn't as if Ghetsis was complaining though, it was a powerful Serperior, and it was only just another pawn Ghetsis could use.

Ghetsis wound up the music box, listening to the soft clicks it made. After letting go, it played it's song, but not the way it was intended. The song was practically broken, as the notes were always too sharp or flat, which resulted in the overall atmosphere of the room feeling haunted. Seeing how broken it was, Ghetsis dropped the toy to the ground and smashed the box with his foot, ending the devilish tune.

He looked around again, this time with disgust. The room was not winning its battle with time, as the room was very dim, dark, and faded. The whole room felt soulless and flat-out dead, and that's how it should stay. This was no longer N's castle.

This was Ghetsis' castle.
Pokemon Black and White - The Aftermath Part 1
This was an interesting idea I saw on a Youtube comment earlier. What if Ghetsis was successful in "liberating" pokemon from people and conquered Unova which would soon lead to the downfall of the human race and lead toward a PMD plot? What a twist that would be!

Anyways, so here's basically what I came up with from seeing that. I though this was such an interesting idea for a story, so I went ahead and started this (which probably won't ever be completed considering my previous attempts at creating stories with multiple chapters. You know what? I really need to do something to pass the time somehow, so doing this just seems like a good thing to get into. Who knows, will I finish it?

Pokemon and everything related to it belongs to Game Freak and Nintendo or whoever owns the franchise.


No journal entries yet.

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